Diabetes My Way

Diabetes My Way is a website that has been created for people with diabetes and those at risk living in Greater Manchester. Through Diabetes My Way, you can register to gain secure access to your diabetes-related health records and receive tailored advice and information created by NHS experts in diabetes.

You can also access lots of information about diabetes, from videos, leaflets and eLearning courses, to help you understand more about your diabetes and increase your confidence in how to manage it.

Diabetes My Way has been promoted by the health authorities in Manchester as a way of helping people with diabetes. In order to provide personalised information to you, the site works best if you link your GP record to the site.

The site will then be able to ‘see’ your latest and past blood test results (but not detailed consultation notes). It is easy to set up and the site will ask for your permission to access your data; nothing will be shared unless you agree (opt-in).

In order to register for Diabetes My Way you will need to set up online access with The Borchardt Medical Centre. You will need to attend the practice with 2 forms of identification, one of which will need to include your photograph.

If you have already registered for online services through the surgery (not through the NHS app) you can use the original details you received.

The website can be found at www.diabetesmyway.nhs.uk with further details on how to register once online services have been set up.

If you are having difficulties accessing the site you can use the message icon in the top left of our website to contact us.