Clinics and Services

Like many other practices we offer a range of services beyond normal Primary Care.

Child Health Clinics – these are run every Wednesday from 1.00pm. As well as newborn 8 week checks we also run an immunisations clinic. These are usually run by Dr Layton with support from our expert nursing team.

Diabetes Review Clinics – We are lucky enough to have two GP’s (Dr Cole and Dr Houghton) with a special interest in Diabetes management. They both run weekly clinics where patients can book in for their annual review.

Minor Surgery – these sessions are done by Dr Murray-Brown and Dr Smith. Please book in with them for a regular appointment if you have any concerning lumps or skin lesions. Suspicious lesions will get referred elsewhere as per NICE guidelines.

Contraceptive Implants – We offer the Nexplanon implant system. Please visit the NHS website for more in depth information. If interested make an appointment with Dr Layton (other GP’s can also book you in)

Smoking Cessation – Please make an appointment on the front desk for smoking cessation clinic. Get an idea of your options here.

Travel Medicine (not Yellow fever) – The Borchardt Medical Centre has nurses who are fully trained in giving expert travel health advice. If you are travelling abroad, be it for business or pleasure, our nurses will ensure you and your family are fully protected during your stay even if you have to travel at short notice. Please make an appointment several weeks before travelling abroad if possible as some immunisations need more than one injection – we cannot emphasis this enough. We regularly have people who are travelling the next day who we cannot safely help. Please make an appointment on the front desk for travel clinic.

Drug Misuse Clinic – care shared with a specialist drug worker and a trained GP (Dr Smith). Referral must be via a GP or the specialist drugs team.