Opening Hours

We are currently closed.


We also currently offer a selection of telephone appointments on varying days of the week from 7.30am to 7.30pm. These are very useful for such things as discussing the results of tests you may have had or any other queries.

7 Day Access

After a successful bid for the recent Prime Minister’s Access Fund the South Manchester GP Federation has launched a new service that offers GP appointments 7 days a week.

This Practice is a member of the local GP Federation, SMGPF Limited and they operate currently 3 sites with a 4th to be opened soon in Manchester where you can be seen 7 days a week – evenings from 6pm-8pm and weekends from 10am-2pm. The nearest to the Borchardt Centre is at the Ladybarn Group Practice on Briarfield Road.

The service is staffed by local GP’s who will have full access to your GP’s medical record. They are able to offer nearly all the services that your own practice will provide.

Many patients work hours that can mean it can difficult to access their GP. It is our hope that this service will make it much easier to access local Primary Care.